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Travelsweepstakesonline is the spot to promote your Sweepstakes and Giveaways!

With a daily newsletter reach of over 30,000 subscribers, 40,000 user reach on Social Media and thousands of daily visitors, we can help you make your next promotion or giveaway a success.

We have delivered millions of entries to thousands of sweepstakes over almost the past decade to happy clients around the world.

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Recent Promoted and Featured listings have reached over 100,000 people!

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Featured Giveaway

Featured Giveaways will send the most traffic to your website through InfiniteSweeps.

  • Featured spot in daily newsletter and online
  • Social Posting Campaigns on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+
  • Sticky First Post Listing
  • Home Page Image Link
  • Banner Impressions

If you want to be featured starting on a specific day, just Contact Us.

Social Posting

Featured Spots may not be available to blog giveaways with excess entries.

We will share your campaign on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+. This can be one of the most targeted ways to boost your campaigns.

With a reach of over 40,000 users, you will see a nice jump to your campaign!

Campaign's are usually shared within a few hours of choosing this option.

Campaign's with a budget will be optimized from the start and perform much better than normal posts.

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We are currently seeing great results from campaigns with budgets.

Banner Impressions

Travel Sweepstakes now sells banner advertising!

The banner spot available is in the right navigation on the top of the page. This is a key area and having your image there will be seen by a big audience.

Sizes currently available: 300x250

We currently do not allow javascript or flash ads in this spot.